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Nursing Assistant Training (NAT)
only - Hybrid Certificate Course

Our Best-Selling course removes all the barriers for becoming a Nursing Assistant (NAT) with the quickest and most accessible Nursing Assistant course in the State. This course has three main components;


Enroll with us


You will receive DocuSign forms and access to your course in 24-48 hours


Log into class.  Work on it at your own schedule and pace.


Select your preferred lab session (3 in-person days). 


After lab we will schedule you for 2 in-person days. 

Quick structure

Expert instructions

The Nursing Assistant Course best serves the widest range of people. Healthcare-edu has had people from all walks of life come take our Nurse Assistant course because of its lightning quick structure and expert instruction. We've had Mothers, Entrepreneurs, College Students, and working class people, and everything in between within our course. The key reason for this is because healthcare knowledge is universal. As long as there are humans, there will be humans in need of healthcare. The Nursing Assistant course is the essential building block for Entry level Healthcare jobs and for most people represents the quickest way to enter into a new career field.

Payment Options.


Pay Full Once


per week for 10 weeks


every 2 weeks for 10 weeks

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"Be Essential" - Buy 2 items get 1 at 50% off 

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Explore the Collection

Take a look at our store and check out some of our amazing gear. 

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