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Home Health Aide Course

Home Health Aide Course

Online Classes
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3 In-Person Lab Days 

Classes Start Daily 

Home Health Aide
Basic Life Support

1. Enroll using one of the links below. 

2. You will receive DocuSign forms and access to your course in 24-48 hours

3. Log into class.  Work on it at your own schedule and pace.

4. Next steps for hybrid course, select your preferred lab session (3 in-person days). 

5.  Once finished you will have earned your HHA and BLS Certificates. 

Home Health Aide & BLS Hybrid 

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Lab Days

Complete the class on-line at your own pace.

Then schedule your 3 In-Person Lab session.  

Visit our Lab Sessions Page 

Once completed students will be awarded a Home Health Aide certificate. 

Learn patient safety, infection control, grooming, ambulation and so much more.

Class is taught by a nurse with over 14 years of experience.

Check out our clean and spacious facility.

Hands on training done at our Brockton location.

HHA & BLS Payment Options


Pay Full Once


per week for 10 weeks


every 2 weeks for 10 weeks

Home Health Aide Online


Earn your certificate completely on-line. Must have a laptop/computer. Also, be familiar with technology such as Zoom.

Learn and practice skills such as safety, ambulation, hygiene and much much more.

Individuals who live in a different state can apply for reciprocity in his/her respective state. Click this link to learn more

Finally, students will purchase their own study materials.

HHA Online Payment Options


Pay Full Once

Currently Unavailable

per week for 10 weeks

Currently Unavailable

New Arrivals

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Take a look at some frequently asked questions. 

If you still have more questions feel free to call us at 508 593 0968 or stop by the school:

793 Crescent Street Brockton, MA 02302

(Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. 10a.m. - 4p.m.)


Q. Do I have to pass a state exam to work as a HHA?

No, HHA Certification does not require a state exam in order to complete the course.


Q. How do I start?

Both of our HHA courses can accept any student who can speak and read English and can accept Bilingual students who have a moderate command of English. 


All students need to do to enroll is to purchase the course or use our payment plan options.


Q. How many Lab days do I need to attend?

Students only need to attend 3 in-person Lab days. Please note, labs are booked in sessions made up of 3 in-person Lab days. Students must cancel 1 week before their first lab day or they will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee. 

Q. How much does this course cost?

  1. Our HHA + BLS Hybrid course costs $900.

  2. HHA + BLS Hybrid weekly payment plan $90 weekly x 10 weeks 

  3. HHA + BLS Hybrid payment plan $180 x 5 every other week


Q. How do I access the online portion of my course?

Your Email will have a message once you enroll titled “Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Course Access | Healthcare-Edu” please type this into the search bar of your email in order to find it. Once you open this email, click the link next to "Access the course Here:"


Q. When are the in-person Lab days scheduled?

Click the button below to view our available Lab Sessions 


Q. How long does it take to complete this course?

Students finish on average anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Access to the course doesn’t expire.


Q. How much work needs to be done to complete this course?

This course covers the HHA material and is programed for 50 credit hours split between the;


Asynchronous online course (completed at your own pace) 


3 in-person lab days at our school *Only if you enrolled in the HHA Hybrid course*


Q. Do I need Clinical days to complete this course?

No, HHA certificate does not require students to attend clinical sessions.

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Home Health Aide Hybrid Course
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