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4-in-1 Nursing Assistant 
& Medication Administration Program 

Premium Healthcare Career Training

Nursing Assistant Training, Home Health Aide, Basic Life Support


Med Administration Program


Key Features:


Nursing Assistant Training (NAT): Delve into the vital competencies necessary to ace the certified nursing assistant state examination in Massachusetts. Master the art of delivering paramount patient care, supporting daily life activities, and fostering overall patient health.

Post completion of the digital segment of our course, join us for three interactive lab days to hone your practical skills. You'll then complete two on-site clinical days at an associated care facility, obtaining tangible experience to confidently sit for the Massachusetts CNA examination and carve out a prosperous healthcare profession.

Seize this exceptional chance to boost your healthcare career. Enroll today and set forth on a rewarding path of caregiving, making substantial impacts in the community.

Home Health Aide (HHA): Tailor your skill set to offer empathetic, individualized care to clients in the comfort of their residences. Learn to aid with routine living tasks, offer emotional backing, and maintain a secure, cozy living space.

Basic Life Support (CPR): Develop the crucial abilities of CPR and emergency aid. Gear up to tackle urgent medical scenarios and administer pivotal support in instances where every second counts.

Medication Administration Program (MAP): Earn certification enabling you to administer medication safely in group home environments across Massachusetts, further expanding your employment prospects.

Students gain access to the states proprietary course the 1st or 3rd Thursday of the month depending on enrollment.  Students can work on this course at their own schedule and pace.  Finally attend 2 days at the school to practice skills necessary for success. 

***The Massachusetts approved course is "Responsibilities in Action Massachusetts MAP Certification Training". This course is offered online via MapMass. The student then attends 2 in-person days at Healthcare-Edu to practice/demonstrate and solidify skills necessary such as Medication Administration and Transcription.*** 

How Does it Work?

1. Enroll with us  

2. You will receive DocuSign forms and access to your course in 24-48 hours

3. Log into class.  Work on it at your own schedule and pace.

4. Attend a Nursing Assistant lab session.

You will be able to book your preferred session once you are enrolled.  Take a look at our Lab Sessions

(3 in-person days) 9:30a.m. - 5 p.m.

5. After lab we will schedule you for 2 in-person days.   Weekend clinical are available.  8am-4p.m.

6. At this point you will have earned your Nursing Assistant Training, HHA and CPR Certificates. 

7. Attend 2 In-Person Medication Administration Program (MAP) days 9:30-3:30p.m.


May Sessions - Wednesdays May 15th and May 22nd 


Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, BLS, Medication Administration Program
Watch The 3 in 1 Nursing Assistant
On-Demand Webinar Until The End For A Free Gift!
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Watch the Medication Administration Program
On-Demand Webinar Until The End For A Free Gift!

Payment Options.


per week for 10 weeks


every 2 weeks for 10 weeks



Q. Which certificate will I earn?

A. Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Basic Life Support, EKG Technician, Medication Administration Program

Q. When do classes start?

A. Classes enroll daily 

Q. What is the class schedule?

A. Online knowledge component is asynchronous which means at your own pace.  Then you select your preferred lab session. Finally, students will select the clinical days during the last lab day.  This ensures that students meet all of the requirements to attend clinicals. 

Q. Does the cost of tuition include the textbook or scrubs?

A. No.  We do however partner with Belle Uniforms

Q. Do we offer payment plans?

A. Yes, you can pay weekly or every other week?

Q. Does Healthcare-Edu offer financial aide?

A. No, at this moment we do not.  Review the affordable payment plans. 

Q. Where is Healthcare-Edu located?

A. 793 Crescent Street  Brockton, MA 02302

Q. How do I schedule my state exams?

A. Once you successfully complete our Nursing Assistant course we will input you in the TMU system to take the Massachusetts State Exam.  

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